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Hiace Luxury Car Rental in Bandung Best For Tourism

Sewa Hiace Luxury Bandung 0822-1576-8997 Yoshi Trans

Looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and top-notch car rental service in Bandung? Yoshi Trans is your answer, offering the premium Hiace Luxury rental service that will elevate your travel experience.

The Hiace Luxury, a generation of the Hiace Commuter, is a popular choice in the car rental industry due to its elegance and luxury. Whether you're planning a sightseeing trip, a business journey, or any other travel needs, the Hiace Luxury is a perfect choice.

Yoshi Trans, a renowned transportation service provider, offers the Hiace Luxury for your travel needs. But why should you choose Hiace Luxury, and what makes it stand out? Let's delve into the details.

Why Hiace Luxury?

At Yoshi Trans, the Hiace Luxury is not just a name; it's a promise of an upgraded experience. Unlike the standard factory model, the Hiace Luxury comes with a revamped look. The seats are more executive, and the vehicle is equipped with audio and video facilities, a port for phone charging, and not to forget, Wi-Fi. This ensures that your journey is as comfortable as it can be.

Hiace Luxury Rental Rates in Bandung

When it comes to car rental, the cost is a crucial factor. The rental rates for the Hiace Luxury are as follows:

- Within Bandung city: IDR 2,000,000 per day

- Outside the city: IDR 2,500,000 per day

These rates include the car, driver, and fuel costs but do not cover tolls, parking, crew meals, and voluntary crew tips. The rental duration is approximately 12 to 14 hours on the same day, with the day changing at midnight. Therefore, a one-day rental does not exceed 12:00 midnight. For specific routes or destinations, there is a minimum rental period, as follows:

- Bandung to Pangandaran: Minimum 2 days

- Bandung to Tangerang Banten: Minimum 2 days

- Bandung to Pelabuhan Ratu: Minimum 2 days

- Bandung to Semarang/Jogjakarta: Minimum 3 days

- Bandung to Surabaya/Malang/Bromo: Minimum 5 days

- Bandung to Bali: Minimum 7 days

- Bandung to Lombok: Minimum 10 days

- Bandung to Lampung: Minimum 3 days

- Bandung to Palembang: Minimum 5 days

For information on other routes, you can contact our marketing team.

 The Advantage of Hiace Luxury

The Hiace Luxury is designed based on the concept of luxury, strength, and elegance. The most noticeable difference compared to its predecessor, the Hiace Commuter, is its front appearance, which features a semi-bonnet or front snout design.

The engine position for the Hiace Luxury is at the front, making it appear more modern and quieter than the previous Hiace Commuter. In terms of dimensions, the Hiace Luxury is significantly larger, offering a more spacious and comfortable cabin. The vehicle is approximately 6 meters long, which is longer than the Hiace Commuter that is only 5 meters long.

The Hiace Luxury is also wider than its predecessor, measuring 1.9 meters, while the Hiace Commuter is only 1.8 meters wide. The height of both the Hiace Luxury and the Hiace Commuter is almost the same, with a difference of about 5 cm.

For the cabin interior, we do not use the original factory seats. Instead, we replace them with larger seats from Rimba Kencana, equipped with armrests and leg rests. We also add a high-quality audio system with karaoke facilities, a TV monitor, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a phone charger port.

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Sewa Hiace luxury Bandung

Sewa Hiace luxury Bandung

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